How to play Blackjack?

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It’s one of the most popular casino games, both at online and real casino, while has turned even bigger due to live online casino. Blackjack, which is known as twenty-one is a very simple but exciting cards game, that has millions of fanatic friends all over the world.

The rules of blackjack είναι easy, simple and direct, just like the game itself. The player gets two open cards and the dealer two cards as well, keeping however one card closed. Regarding his estimation, the player follows the way he wants to bet. This is how we would say that twenty-one can be played. The player who reaches 21 or that is closer to that in comparison with his opponent, wins. However, if he pass 21, he loses. Of course there are blackjack rules, which you can find in the manual below. Let’s take a look on some options:

  • Split: You split card into two cards.
  • Double: You double your original bet.
  • Insurance: The player can request that if the dealer has an ace in his hands. Thus if the dealer’s card is an ace or a ten-valued card, then the player gets as a return 2.5 times the insurance bet (which means that he keeps the original bet as well as the insurance one). However, if the dealer’s hidden card is not an ace or a ten-valued card, then the player loses the insurance bet and betting goes on.
  • Surrender: The player quits directly because he thinks that he doesn’t have a good card or because he estimates that the dealer has a really good one, fact which can decrease his loss. Of course, in that case, he can’t make profit.
  • Stand: You choose if you will continue or you will stop (stand). If the dealer has cards with equal value or greater than 17, he has to stop. On another case he is obligated to continue drawing n matter what card you have.

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