Liverpool-Bayern Munich: They do have goal in their blood

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Liverpool-Bayern Munich: The most nip and tuch duo of Champions League round of 16 gears up for its first duel. “The Reds” and “The Bavarians” want to proceed till the end of the institution.

Champions League, Liverpool-Bayern Munich: Germans are in good shape at this moment, in contrast with the English, who have injuries that have irreparably hurt them.

Liverpool might be first in Premier League, however it seems that she has lost her wits and freshness, that characterized her some time ago. Absences and punishments of basic players have cost her, since Liverpool doesn’t have a great depth as a team, like Manchester City does have for example. Jürgen Klopp, unfortunately for him, cannot count on precious Virgil’s van Dijk services (he has cards), while Lovern’s condition is not the best possible. Therefore you can see that the defence of Liverpool against Bayern, will feel a great pressure.

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